Renaissance Man Publishing seeks to build a brand that is recognized for its love of literature and music, with a passion to reach beyond what is easily seen. To be daring in our execution of unorthodox ideas and strategies aimed at bringing greater success to our clients and projects. And to be fearless in the fight against the tyranny of the established publishing and media monopoly.

Don't expect Renaissance Man Publishing to be like other publisher websites. My long term goal is to support new authors and musicians. The short term goal is to support The Solar Savior Series with Volume one, The Colonel's Vengeance. 

The Colonel's Vengeance and the Solar Savior Series in its entirety address a vast amount of philosophical and ethical issues. In addition, being a science fiction series, technologies and scientific subject matter will be stretched and pulled to the limits. The Solar Savior Series has every intention of testing your faith in man's belief in himself and god.

In an attempt to make what seems impossible, become possible, Renaissance Man Publishing will search the internet for articles and information regarding the main themes of the Solar Savior Series: the solar expansion of humans, reliance on technology for survival, oppressive governments, current events, and a host of other subjects that will validate the possibilities that the science fiction series, The Solar Savior, is not only plausible, but in fact visionary.

Links to those articles and web pages will be posted here for your review. Can we live in space? Are we going to Mars? Is that the best place to start a human colony? What about the moon? Articles to questions like this and others will be discussed. And in doing so, you will see that the world I created is very, very possible.

Renaissance Man Publishing takes its art seriously. The Colonel's Vengeance cover, and the Renaissance Man Publishing logo, which can be viewed at the top left, took many hours and iterations before completion. Along with links to the Artists, I will have a gallery of art work showing the development of each. I have also contracted additional art work, 10 scene sketches from the novel to be created and added to the website as they are completed. 

1. A rebirth or revival.
2. The humanistic revival of classical art, architecture, literature, and learning that originated in Florence Italy in the 14th century and later spread throughout Europe.
3. A revival of intellectual or artistic achievement and vigor.

Welcome to the Renaissance Man Publishing website. Renaissance Man Publishing was created with the initial goal of supporting the production and marketing for the new science fiction series The Solar Savior by Lawrence T. Burgio. 

While the preliminary goal is to support The Solar Savior series and its Author, methodologies and implementations resulting in successful lessons learned will be used to support additional writers and musicians in the future on their endeavors to achieve artistic notoriety.

The Florence Cathedral by Filippo Brunelleschi 1436.

Renaissance man: A man who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences.

Renaissance Man Publishing